If the Nevada State Board of Nursing receives information that a nurse or nursing assistant may have broken the law (the Nevada Nurse Practice Act), the Board has the authority to investigate.

Before disciplinary action is taken, the Board ensures the nurse or nursing assistant is given due process, which requires giving adequate notice and description of the charges, and a hearing or the opportunity for a hearing.
The individual has a right to a formal hearing, the right to an attorney, the right to not participate in an informal hearing, the right to not sign anything, the right to see the complaint, and the right to appeal.

If the evidence doesn’t support the allegations, the complaint may be dismissed or closed. If the evidence does support the allegations, the Board can take disciplinary action against the individual.

Disciplinary action can include denial, reprimand fee, suspension, probation , or revocation of a license or certificate. The Board considers each case individually.

The disciplinary penalty is determined based on a number of factors which include the severity and recency of the offense, degree of deviation from standard practice, evidence of rehabilitation, current ability to practice safely, mitigating factors, and past disciplinary history.

The law gives the Board an alternative option — a very successful program which allows qualified, chemically dependent nurses and nursing assistants to re-enter the workforce in a paced sequence. It also monitors their recovery to ensure the safety of their patients.

Questions? Call the Nevada State Board of Nursing, toll free, 1-888-590-6726. Do not use this information to verify the status of someone’s licensure or certification.

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